The Gonsenhauser & Peykar Journey to India

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A Journey to India: Exploring New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park and Mumbai

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Casey’s Photo Album from Ladakh

Ladakh Himalayas - Timeless India Safaris

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Highlights: Glamping on the Roof of the World


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Colourful experiences in the Blue City, Jodhpur

“We checked in to the Umaid Bhawan Palace, a huge palace that has been turned into a hotel. Quite breathtaking. Dinner was on a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city and the brightly lit-up Mehrangarh Fort. We arrived there in a fleet of motorised Tuk Tuks, each racing the other through the narrow streets bustling with people, slow moving cows, lazy dogs and colourful stalls. Everything wonderful so far!” – Alan Silverman

Having flown across the rippling sands of the driest places in North India, we checked into the resplendent cool of The Taj, Umaid Bhawan Palace, perched high above the desert capital of Jodhpur and set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens.

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Endless sand dunes, camel safaris and a Golden fort, Jaisalmer

“My senses are engaged with the tones of the Thar Desert and the remarkable journey we all experienced in one week of travel, indulged on all levels as we cruised across Rajasthan on our luxury bus, together with the wisdom of our guide, Durga.” – Andrea Sternberg

“I cannot for fear of being accused of gushing, repeat again the accolades which Timeless India Journeys deserves for organising this seamless magical India ride… I’m back in CT, but I tell you, I am still on that ride.” – Gene Stern

Once the wealthy trading city of worldly merchants, Jaisalmer retains an air of opulence and dignity in a land of glittering sand and sun. We stayed just outside the city, at The Sarai – a luxurious desert camp and spa, set on a hundred-acre private estate of indigenous desert scrub. The camp design draws inspiration from the royal caravan sites of Rajputana; blending their dash and vivacity with modern amenities and services.

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Dancing horses as the sun sets over a sea of sand, Jaisalmer

“How wonderful. It really is a dream come true. In every way, all our senses are being heightened and quenched, thank you, Timeless India Journeys, for bringing this opportunity to us all.” – Wendy Press

“We are home, and I have rinsed the dust of India from my clothes, my hair and my body. However, the magical memories, the mystery and majesty of India, remains indelibly etched in my heart, mind and soul. What a privilege to have been able to take this life journey together. Thank you for the meticulous planning and attention to detail. Thanks to our astonishing, regal and dignified guide, who taught us more than just about India.” – Liz Swersky

Numerous surprises awaited us when we visited the Bishnoi Villages. The villagers are arguably the first ecologists of the world; people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives to save the trees and animals because they see the protection of life as a holy responsibility. And, we weren’t that surprised when we saw the variety of wildlife and brightly coloured birds in the area.

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City of lakes, romance and old world whimsy, Udaipur

“There are not enough words to describe how fantastic our trip was in India. All of your hard work showed in the way everything ran smoothly, efficiently and was so enjoyable. We are sure that you heard how much we enjoyed our guide. He is in a class of his own. The evening events were superb and the birthdays were so memorable. Jeremy turned around and said that was one of the most fun bdays he has had.” – Ruth Chaitman

“What a great trip so far, exceptional. Timeless India Journeys has done SUCH a good job.” – Rose Stein

Our last stop was a city that is beautiful in every way: exquisite gardens, marble palaces and twinkling lakes. Udaipur is seductive and secretive, revealing its many gems as we took the time to explore it.

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The truth about India

“What I’ve learned about India – a country that for no explicable reason I fell in love with the first breath of hot, humid, smoky air – is the more I know, the more I know I don’t know. The multi-layered society, influenced at every level by caste, class and region, colourful, noisy, crazy and incredible, and under my skin; and I get the impression its under yours too! Thank you for organising it all so impeccably and with such care.” – Sheryl Ginsburg

Almost everyone has heard a cautionary tale about crowds, poverty, scams or deli belly. But the truth is India is filled with such wonder and magic that this completely overwhelms her challenges, and a lot of your personal impressions and experience will depend on where you go, who you go with and how your trip is arranged. We are specialists at revealing the best India has to offer and will be alongside you every step of the way.

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Meet the Indian Rhinoceros Unicornis

India has long been a travellers dream destination because of the sheer wealth of experiences it offers. A multi-layered history has left a plethora of beautiful buildings, forts, temples and towns rich with relics and artefacts. The modern-day vivid culture takes place alongside ancient customs. Colourful fabrics and flavourful aromas flood the senses. And for the wildlife enthusiast, India takes its vibrancy and exoticism to a new level.

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