Dancing horses as the sun sets over a sea of sand, Jaisalmer

“How wonderful. It really is a dream come true. In every way, all our senses are being heightened and quenched, thank you, Timeless India Journeys, for bringing this opportunity to us all.” – Wendy Press

“We are home, and I have rinsed the dust of India from my clothes, my hair and my body. However, the magical memories, the mystery and majesty of India, remains indelibly etched in my heart, mind and soul. What a privilege to have been able to take this life journey together. Thank you for the meticulous planning and attention to detail. Thanks to our astonishing, regal and dignified guide, who taught us more than just about India.” – Liz Swersky

Numerous surprises awaited us when we visited the Bishnoi Villages. The villagers are arguably the first ecologists of the world; people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives to save the trees and animals because they see the protection of life as a holy responsibility. And, we weren’t that surprised when we saw the variety of wildlife and brightly coloured birds in the area.



After lunch, we took a 4×4 drive to visit a Bishnoi dhani and a Pittal dhani (we learnt that a ‘dhani’ is a small collection of huts). We were completely charmed by the quaint mud homes; the turban-clad men; the shy and beautiful women, dressed in their traditional costumes; and the local markets with their rich display of wares. We were even invited to take part in a traditional Opium ceremony – one of the overall trip highlights.


After an afternoon amid local life, we arrived at the celebrated Mihir Garh, which surpassed all our expectations. As the sun set, we watched the dancing horses at one of the finest equestrian programmes in the country, displaying the strongest and most beautiful of the Marwari breed. Followed by a romantic dinner on the roof of the Fort of the Sun, hosted by the enigmatic couple, Siddarth and Rashmi Singh Rohet. The spectacular mud fort blends understated luxury with a rustic and sumptuous earthy elegance overlooking unspoilt and enchanting desert vistas. Throughout, we were treated to the highest standards of hospitality amidst the vast wilderness of the Thar.


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