What Our Guests Say


  • Andre Fourie
    History was brought to life by your dedicated guides who have done enormous amounts of research. We also appreciated the photographic skills, resulting in lovely photos for our album. Udaipur was the perfect place to end our journey. What absolute luxury & service in stunning surroundings. On our departure to the airport we were approached by an elephant on the opposite side of the road in heavy evening traffic. A wonderful farewell to an India filled with surprises around every corner. Was it our cotton bracelets from Varanasi that kept us safe, & everything without fail falling perfectly into place? Timeless India Journeys we thank you all for a fantastic holiday in an amazing country.
    Andre Fourie
    South Africa
  • Clark Gardner
    Thank you for a fantastic trip. You certainly can count on us for recommending you to our peers and family – in fact, there is no other way to travel through India. I would like to single out the quality of the two travel guides – Raj and Chanandra… exceptional people, a wealth of knowledge and great company!
    Clark Gardner
    South Africa
  • Emilia Bergmans & Abhineet Singh
    Really amazing from the houseboat to the biennale to the lobsters. Hadn’t been on a holiday for ages and it was so nice and warm! Thank you so much for organizing. My parents had a blast they would come up with new things they saw all the time. I think it was awesome and all the reps were really friendly and more importantly drivers were good and knew their way.
    Emilia Bergmans & Abhineet Singh
    Holland & India
  • Jeanette Fourie
    As you know, it was my dream  to visit Varanasi. How often does one’s dream come true? Yes, it was an assault on the senses, and yes, it was disconcerting at times but what an insightful experience of the true India, as you so aptly put it. We have wonderful memories of sitting on the rooftop of our hotel with the slowly waning moon reflecting on the Ganges. Memories of our fire ritual (we did not take off our cotton bracelets until our arrival back home) and the colourful Aarti ceremony where we floated our candles & made a wish. Truly a spiritual journey. Suffice it to say that we enjoyed every minute of our time in India, thanks to your detailed planning, Casey, executed so well by your local agents & outstanding guides.
    Jeanette Fourie
    South Africa
  • Jenny & Leonard Walker
    We had a wonderful trip. The tour guides were brilliant and their local knowledge was incredible and in fact our visit to the Taj Mahal was made by the information which was portrayed to us by our tour guide. The trip would have been impossible and a total failure if we did not have the support and assistance from the representatives and the tour guides. We followed all the rules pertaining to drinking water, salads, fresh fruit and street food and none of us had any ailments or upset tummies. Many thanks for all your assistance and for the way you put the trip together – we really appreciated all the detail and finesse that went into the planning and which made the execution on our part seem so simple and easy.
    Jenny & Leonard Walker
    South Africa
  • Joanne Dods & Traci Brisby
    We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with our trip and loved every moment of it.  Everything was amazing, much better than what we anticipated, would love to come back. Loved Kanha wildlife park! We found every moment was well organized and thru all our discussions in pre planning we ended up with a perfect custom trip. We loved every hotel, all food venues were top notch also. We loved having a personal guide, made our trip easy and took the stress out of things.  All the representatives made us feel well cared for and safe.  Thank you again to everyone at Timeless India, it was an  amazing and beautiful trip, we could not have asked for better.
    Joanne Dods & Traci Brisby
    USA & Canada
  • Joanne Smollan
    The trip was absolutely incredible – exceeded our expectations on all fronts. Everything was seamless and the mix of activities kept even the most ADD amongst us fully engaged! Our friends fell in love with India (and with Timeless India Journeys) and you and your team have given us memories that will truly last a lifetime. The motorbike ride, the boats in the backwaters and the shul service were real highlights. Teesta, Raj and the rest of your team could not have been more accommodating, professional and warm and truly, this is the ONLY was to see India. Thank you so much. Namaste.
    Joanne Smollan
    South Africa
  • Katerina & Georage Goldsmith
    It was lovely to meet you too and thank you again for taking us to Sufi – it was truly a highlight of our visit. You certainly exceeded all our expectations, which is a definition of luxury! We are not sure what your target market is, but you certainly have all that takes to cater to the high end of the market, while keeping it young and cool.
    Katerina & Georage Goldsmith
  • Kumaran & Selina Padayachee
    We had a fabulous time in India! I love travelling yet this trip was our best travel experience. It was NOT a relaxing holiday – as that was not the intention. There were many exciting, diverse & new experiences – with professional planning & daily pampered service from Timeless India! We will be referring you with confidence – and even consider your services for 1 of our many future trips back to India. Thank you.
    Kumaran & Selina Padayachee
    South Africa
  • Mary Rolph
    Thank you for making my few off days in India, very special days. My trip to Kochi was a highlight and a place I would recommend and return to myself. The people, history and food were all fantastic. The service from Timeless India Journey’s team was impeccable. I cannot say enough about their endless desire to assure a perfect holiday of truly memorable experiences. I thank you for that.
    Mary Rolph
    South Africa
  • Mathy & Marcel Danon
    For me India is like a diamond, you can’t love just one thing, it has many facades and each one is so connected to the other. The architecture, the colure and smells, the people, the culture, their traditions, the arts… Being a tourist in India, I always felt welcomed, there was a wonderful human contact with all your guides, escorts, your colleagues from Delhi. They were all caring and very professional. There is so much more that I want to say … words sometime are not enough to describe such an experience. Marcel and I travel a lot but this trip made us “hungry” for more. Wanting to experience different cultures, we came back invigorated!
    Mathy & Marcel Danon
    South Africa
  • Michelle Francis
    Thanks so much for your email and for all your hard work in organizing a fabulous trip. It was truly memorable and we would definitely choose Timeless India again if we plan another trip to India.
    Michelle Francis
    South Africa
  • Nadine Hurwitz
    We cannot believe that another incredible India trip has come to an end – we are truly getting addicted to the place! Once again THANK YOU for the most amazing trip planned, you are so very talented and it’s a pleasure working with you.
    Nadine Hurwitz
  • Priya & Conrad
    Traveling to India has always been a dream of mine, getting engaged, married and honeymooning there (!) turned that dream into a fairytale! It could not have been more perfect or magical. A heartfelt thank you to you and Timeless for all the special extra touches 😉 Varanasi is an unforgettably rich and incomparable experience, steeped in centuries of hidden history, spirituality and culture. Beautiful Udaipur and the exquisite Lake Palace was amazing – you guys definitely know how to keep a secret. From the welcome shower of rose petals, to the absolute luxury of our suite, to the indulgent spa treatments and romantic rooftop dinner, it was better than anything I could have imagined. We’ll definitely be recommending you!
    Priya & Conrad
    South Africa
  • Richard Treger
    From the beginning to end we can only praise the wonderful welcome and organization we received wherever we went. There is no way we could have done this journey without you and your wonderful team. From Delhi to Bombay we loved every minute. Difficult to say we loved Varanasi but we had a brilliant time there, the hotel a dream. My top prize goes to Shishir, a very pleasant person most helpful, a wonderful organizer and speaks beautiful English. We hope to be in Cape Town at the end of the year and we will come by and thank you personally for the outstanding holiday we had. From 2 very satisfied clients.
    Richard Treger
  • Sacha Happee
    We have to say that the trip was very well organised, and very equable: the variation of a busy city and a quiet stay in the country, the numbers of days we stayed somewhere, it all was in balance. We enjoyed every minute of it. The communication with Casey and Shishir was perfect. Whenever we called Shishir, he was there for us and made us feel safe. The booklet with the whole trip was fantastic. The trip was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for everything  and we really hope to make another trip to India in the near future.
    Sacha Happee
  • Saskia & Rob Bergmans
    Guide and driver: Our compliments! Both were very well informed and did a great job. Within two days they found out that we liked the local touch and took us to markets, coffee-stalls and local restaurants. We very much appreciated that the guide was dressed in a different sari everyday! Thank you very much for giving us this great opportunity to discover this very interesting part of Incredible India.
    Saskia & Rob Bergmans
  • Sheryl & Stanley Ginsburg
    Each day has brought it’s own special magic, it’s own wonderment. A special thank you to you from me for Stanley’s birthday dinner. We have all celebrated birthdays in different parts of the world which have been special and memorable in their own way. Never has anyone gone to so much trouble with such warmth as Jeje and his remarkable team. We were blown away and very touched. Chettinad is all you said and more! It’s hard to articulate the feeling of being in Chettinad, a city lost to change, but yet restored in parts, showing clearly the grandeur of what was. Tomorrow will bring more magic I am sure. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Sheryl & Stanley Ginsburg
    South Africa
  • Suzanne Atie
    Wow the trip was unbelievable and absolute highlight for us. All the hotels were wonderful, service everywhere was great. We in truth have no negative feedback at all – only a lot of positive. The local guides, Chanandra and Raj were great. Teesta was a great organiser and helper. I was truly amazed at how stress free the trip felt.
    Suzanne Atie
    South Africa
  • Tabatha King
    If anyone is planning a trip to India, trust me, you have to talk to Casey Van Embden from Timeless India. She has created theeeeee most astonishing experience for Rachel Chenery and I for my 40th.
    Tabatha King
    South Africa
  • Tom Stoelinga
    Our India experience was great and Timeless India journeys did a fantastic job.The organization was faultness and the hotels very good. An excellent driver and good guides did the rest. We enjoyed the beautiful sites we visited and of course most of all the Taj Mahal, the Havali’s and Patan Mahal. Afterwards my wife and I agreed that this trip was one of our most succesful holidays.
    Tom Stoelinga
  • Van Der Schrieck Family
    India was wonderful, I love India! And the journey was perfect, we will come back. We were very impressed by all the guides and all the drivers (we were never afraid!) and we loved the hotels. Thank for putting together the whole journey, we got a wonderful impression of India!
    Van Der Schrieck Family
  • Vanessa Gardner
    As I am sure you have heard we all had a truly amazing experience. Your attention to detail was impeccable and for a week the only thing we had to think about was what to wear for the day – but thankfully even your packing list attended to this!
    Vanessa Gardner
    South Africa